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    In a bold new adaptation of Yukio Mishima's modern Noh play, "The Lady Aoi", The South Wing distills the 1950's shingeki naturalism of the original text with their own brand of nouveau expressionism to expose the extremely conflicted nature of Mishima's psyche.

    Brian plays the lead role of William, a married man who, upon rushing back from a business trip to his suddenly hospitalized wife, has a strange encounter with his past lover Lady Aoi.  His memory of her haunts him - or is it just her ghost who has come back to terrorize him with jealous rage?

    The South Wing is directed by long-time collaborator Kameron Steele, who brings his Suzuki trained sensiblities and unique vision to his shows, always taking his audiences for a surreal and metaphysical ride.


    undergroundzero festival

    P.S. 122

    7/8-7/12, 2009


    Japan Society

    5/18-5/19, 2007